Our System

With decades of experience in the construction industry, our team has has worked with owners, architects and engineers to design and build custom projects. As a turnkey specialty contractor, Nexus provides pre-construction assistance, budgeting, project schedule development and construction management services. We deliver award-winning solutions by continually innovating modular buildings. 

Our modules are often compared to shipping containers but that would be like comparing apples and oranges. Although they are both rectangular and made of steel, they are drastically different. A shipping container is not designed for human occupancy. They are typically 8' wide by 8'/9' tall by 10'/20'/40' long. Our modules are 12'/14' wide by 12' tall, by 24' long. They can either be stand alone units or they can be connected together in any orientation (even stacked).


The Benifits of the Nexus System

Speed to Market


Given site work and fabrication run concurrently, there is significant time savings in overall time to complete a Nexus project as compared to other more traditional forms of construction

Budgetary Certainty


With repeatable base line infrastructure, clients are able to undertake projects with greater confidence when thinking about the bottom line.  

Consistent Quality


With repeatable designs and processes, clients can expect the same high quality product exiting our manufacturing facilities time and time again. 

Factory Precision


Having construction occurring off site in a controlled environment allows for precision in the manufacturing process. 

Minimal Site Prep


Only the basic utility hook ups and minimal foundation work are required on site. Nexus buildings are completed off site and delivered, and crane lifted in place and are ready to use. 

Sustainable Design


Nexus buildings can be designed to meet environmentally sustainable principles. 

Speed to Market

Nexus construction projects have demonstrated that a savings in the schedule is easily proven time and again. Reducing the project schedule saves costs in general conditions, gives owners the opportunity for earlier occupancy and creates noteworthy savings as a result of permanent modular construction. Large savings can be realized by employing modular construction methods. The ability to condense the construction schedule is due to concurrent site and factory work, as well as factory production being faster than traditional onsite projects, removing weather delays and subcontractor sequence delays associated with onsite construction.