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Vancouver Island, Canada


Building for the Future



At Nexus we work with the unique visions of our customers to fabricate innovative structures. From inception, through planning and realization, we work with modular building components to suit the functionality and aesthetic ideals of clients. Our customizable design platform is highly versatile, optimized for space efficiency and future growth potential.

Whether you are looking for office, residential home, laboratory space, pharmaceutical manufacturing, or food processing facility; our Canadian made steel frame modules are the highest grade. At Nexus we tailor our services to your individual needs. 



Our manufacturing facilities are located in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. Due to the nature of our designs, and given that site work and fabrication run concurrently, there is significant time savings in overall time to complete Nexus project as compared to other more traditional forms of construction.

The construction industry is ripe for innovation. Prefabricated buildings, which are built in a factory in an efficient lean environment offer the key to the paradigm shift. Take more labor offsite and bring it into a controlled factory environment. 

Modular construction presents a logical alternative to site-built methods that not only reduces inefficiencies but offers numerous advantages including (but not limited to): Speed to Market, Budgetary Certainty, Consistent Quality, Factory Precision, Minimal Site Prep, Sustainable Design, Improved Safety, etc.



Nexus modules are built offsite in a controlled environment and later transported to the site of choice, ready to use with little or no impact on the surrounding environment.

We are with you every step of the way. 

Are you ready to build for the future?

Commercial Building Deployment

Check out this time-lapse of a Nexus commercial building being deployed to our clients site. Normally at Nexus we deliver completely finished units but the client requested that the building be finished on site. Note: the interior posts seen in the video were temporary for transport only and were removed upon delivery.